7 Everyday Habits You Don’t Know Are Ruining Your Precious Eyelashes

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful set of eyelashes? No one, of course.

The lashes surrounding your peepers may only be composed of a few small strands but they have a huge impact on your looks and health. Next, to framing your eyes’ natural beauty, eyelashes shield your delicate eyes from harsh light and small debris. They also act as sensors, which when potential danger is near.

So if you’re not gifted with a long and lush pair of doll-like eyelashes, you often use different ways to volumize them. You might’ve tried curling them, using the best mascara in town, wearing false eyelashes, or even paying a professional artist to get eyelash extensions. The bad news is, there are other efforts (or the lack thereof) you don’t know are slowly weakening and ruining your precious eyelashes.

Below are 7 common mistakes that lead to the breakage of your eyelashes, and how to prevent them

1. Not checking your makeup’s expiration date

Your eyes are delicate. It’s not surprising why eye makeup products, including mascara, eyeliners, and eyeshadows, have the shortest shelf life when compared to other makeup products. Using expired makeup can cause watery and itchy eyes, which may lead to serious eye infections.

Pay attention to your mascaras and liquid eyeliners, which expire faster than other products. They should be tossed 3 to 6 months after opening since they contain moisture that causes bacteria build-up. If you notice the product getting dried up, becoming clumpy, and smelling differently, they need to be replaced ASAP.

2. Committing one of these eyelash curler no-nos

7 Everyday Habits You Don’t Know Are Ruining Your Precious Eyelashes

For folks who aren’t gifted with such long and voluminous lashes, eyelash curlers are a godsend. Just keep in mind that the way you use your curlers could make or break your lashes – literally.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you forget to clean your curlers, allowing bacteria to build up?
  • Are you using a worn-down pad, making your lashes susceptible to your curler’s sharp metal edges?
  • Are you guilty of crimping and clamping your lashes every day?
  • Do you clamp down aggressively or for too long?
  • Do you curl your eyelashes after applying mascara?

If you’re not sure why there are many lash strands stuck between your eyelash curler, these might be the reasons why.

3. Improper use and removal of false eyelashes

If your mascara isn’t enough to make your eyes pop, you count on false eyelashes to do the magic. Like how they are carefully glued to your lids, they should also be carefully removed from your them. Rip them off vigorously, and you could rip off some of your beloved natural lashes too.

Gently remove them by soaking a Q-tip in an oil-based cleanser. Glide the Q-tip through your lash line to loosen the adhesive. Then, gently pull from the middle of the false eyelashes outward.

4. Wearing waterproof mascara every time

7 Everyday Habits You Don’t Know Are Ruining Your Precious Eyelashes

Waterproof mascara is one of the hardest things to get rid of – and this isn’t always a good thing.

While it’s nice to stay smudge-proof all day long, the powerful formula can dry out your natural lashes and cause additional damage when you try to scrub it off. Over time, the constant tug and pull on the lash line can weaken and break your lash strands.

Try to take a break from your strong waterproof formulas and opt for a tubing mascara. This contains flexible polymers which only require lukewarm water to remove. It’s also suggested to give yourself a day without wearing mascara or any makeup to let your skin breathe.

5. Sleeping without removing your makeup

I know – it’s extremely difficult to convince yourself to get up and wash your face after a long, tiring day. But you have no choice but to do so, especially if your delicate skin and eyelashes are on the line.

Sleeping with your makeup on, especially when wearing stubborn waterproof mascara that makes your lashes stiff, is a leading cause of eyelash damage. If washing your face isn’t an option, make sure to keep some gentle makeup wipes or micellar water in your nightstand.

6. Rubbing your eyes aggressively

While it seems like a harmless (and satisfying) thing to do, rubbing your eyes too aggressively can be damaging to the eyes, including your eyelashes.

Next to losing lash strands, rubbing your eyes can wreak havoc with your overall appearance too. Those tiny blood vessels around your eyes could break, resulting in blood-shot eyes and ugly dark circles you’re trying to avoid.

7. Settling for cheap lash salons

7 Everyday Habits You Don’t Know Are Ruining Your Precious Eyelashes

Let’s face it – eyelash extensions are a luxury. It’s a critical job that requires quality, skill, and artistry. That said, settling for cheap, inexperienced lash artists could give you uneven, clumpy-looking lashes. Or worse, it could permanently damage your follicles, causing lashes to fall out prematurely and prevent regrowth.

Trusted lash artists know that eyelash extensions come in different lengths, widths, and curvatures. They’ll evaluate your face shape, bone structure, as well as the existing lashes to decide on which extensions will suit your eyes. They’ll also refuse to put something too heavy or too long, which might lead to breakage.

It’s either you pay extra to a reputable lash salon for professional eyelash extensions or not at all.

Author Bio:Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, a top of the line brow and lash bar in Australia, which prides itself in delivering professional eyebrow shaping and eyelash extension services. She loves writing articles about women’s health and beauty.

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