Big Bag Trends

Bags are a hard trend to keep on top of, it’s easy to fall into trend cycles, especially with so many new things hitting the market each season. But when it comes to fall 2022, staple handbags seem to have made a comeback, with classic silhouettes at the forefront. One of these silhouettes is the ever-classic big bag. Think of a tote bag, a large backpack or a slouch bag. If you like these larger bag styles, here’s how they’ve been embraced this season.

The texture is Here

Autumn is all about the warmth and colours for the Europeans, so for us Aussies, we also get cosy offerings. This is not just something that’s happening to winter coats, even the bags are getting fluffy, and this can be seen all over the runways, from Fendi to Loewe.

Now, just because the bag is fluffy, doesn’t mean it has to be small. I’ve seen this trend on clutches, shoulder bags and even tote bags. I’ve also found the bigger the bag, the less fluffy it gets, and that’s definitely because bigger bags get used more. I like the fluffy bag look paired with other cold weather textiles, like a leather jacket or corduroy, but be aware, if you buy this now and live in Australia, you won’t be bringing it out unless the weather gets cooler, or you’re okay with feeling the extra warmth.

Graphic Prints

The most timeless bags are always bags with neutral colour palettes and classic silhouettes, but there are also plenty of statement bags hitting the runways for those who want some bright bags. This trend includes geometric prints worthy of a modern art gallery, including whimsical and edgy print designs for Prada as well as Gabriella Hearst.

This trend has a slightly shorter shelf life, and this is especially true when the bag is bigger, as it draws the eye more. So, make sure you invest with this in mind. It might be wiser, in this case, to go for bigger brand names with a guaranteed market, but also be sure to calculate risk accurately.

Check Prints

You’ve seen this print before. In Chanel’s iconic plaid and Dior’s houndstooth, this trend doesn’t just encompass check prints in the traditional sense, this trend includes any repeating pattern such as a monogrammed print like the designer tote bags at Louis Vuitton, or colour blocking for a more subtle look.

There is a difference between this trend to the one that came around in the 90s as it’s not just about being preppy, it’s also about the idea of Dark Academia and pop punk making a resurgence too. I like the plaid bag with a pair of loafers and a more academic look with a knitted vest.

Slouchy Tote

One of the most versatile designer bags on the market, these bags are perfect for people who just can’t travel light, but want to look sophisticated and classy at the same time. The one thing is, the slouchy tote is now even more oversized than ever.

Brandon Maxwell showcased this bag in suede with a 70’s spin, and other brands leaned into minimal boho. I’ve found that there are many colour options out there, but I saw tan more than any other colour, proving that neutrals win when you want to use the bag for everything and anything over its lifetime.

This slouchy tote is one of those things you see everywhere when the weather changes, largely because people want to remain warm on the go, and carry their scarves and umbrellas as the weather starts to change. You can pair this with winter staples for a super comfy look.

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