The appropriate lash trays must be chosen to achieve gorgeous lash looks. Since they provide simplicity and adaptability, mixed volume lash trays are becoming increasingly well-liked among lash professionals. Yet, selecting the ideal lash trays for your clients can be time-consuming, given the variety of options available. This blog post will explore what to consider when selecting mixed volume lash trays.

Lash Curl

When choosing extensions by Lindy volume mixed trays, the lash curl is the first to consider. Lash curls range from J, B, C, D, and L, with J being the least curled and L being the most curled. Your curl will depend on the look you want to achieve and your client’s natural lashes. For example, if your client has naturally straight lashes, choose a more curled lash to create a more dramatic look. On the other hand, if your client has naturally curled lashes, opt for a less curled lash to achieve a more natural look.

Lash Thickness

You should consider the lashes‘ thickness when selecting lash trays. Millimeters are used to measure lash thickness, and ranges from 0.03mm to 0.25mm are available. A more natural appearance can be achieved with thinner lashes instead of a more dramatic one with thicker ones. While selecting the thickness of the lashes, it’s crucial to consider your client’s natural lashes. Avoid overpowering your customer with thick, damaging lashes if they already have sparse natural lashes.

Lash Length

The length of the lashes is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting lash trays. Options for lash length range from 6mm to 20mm. Your chosen length determines the appearance you wish to create and your client’s natural lashes. While selecting the lash length for your client, it’s crucial to consider their eye shape and natural lash length. Although longer lashes can contribute to a more dramatic appearance, excessive length can make them look artificial and unattractive.

Lash Material

While selecting mixed volume lash trays, another aspect to consider is the material of the lashes. Synthetic, mink, and silk are the most widely used types of lash material. Synthetic eyelashes are the least expensive option and best for creating a dramatic look. Although more expensive, mink lashes are softer and appear more natural. Between synthetic and mink lashes, silk lashes are a midway option renowned for their longevity.

Lash Fans

The clusters of lashes used to add volume are called lash fans. There are options for 2D to 10D lashes in each fan, so the quantity of lashes can change. It’s crucial to pick the ideal lash fan for your desired look and your client’s natural lashes. The proper amount of lashes must be used to achieve the desired volume because using too many lashes in a fan can harm the natural lashes.

Final Impression 

It’s crucial to consider lash curl, thickness, length, substance, and fans while selecting mixed volume lash trays. Each element is essential to achieving the desired lash look and preserving your client’s natural lashes’ health. By carefully considering these factors, you may select the ideal lash trays for your clients and consistently produce gorgeous lash looks.

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