Summer is just around the corner and the promise of warm weather floating in the air conjures images of sunshine, sandy beaches and plunging into crystal-clear waters. But until you reach the beach (or the poolside) you need to figure out what you’re going to wear this summer season if you plan to have fun in the sun. 

Swimming shorts seem like the most obvious outfit option, but since they come in such a wide range of colours, patterns and styles, it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose. So, if you’re still struggling with this dilemma, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best men’s swimming shorts for summer 2023. 

Tailored swim shorts 

Tired of trying on different types of swimming short and not being happy with how they fit? We have three words for you that can provide the solution to all your swimming outfit woes: swim short

Over the past few years, tailored swim shorts have become one of the most popular short styles for holidaymakers and water sport enthusiasts alike, and continue to make waves at the beach and beyond. Designed to ensure an optimal fit and make you look put together even when you’re swimming in deep waters or enjoying a barbecue with your friends, tailored swim shorts come in a generous variety of colours and patterns, so you’ll surely find your match.  

Short shorts 

There are various swimming short lengths you can choose from, but why go for long board shorts when you can opt for short swim trunks instead? We believe that swimming shorts should be… well, short, and the latest trends indicate that the rest of the world also agrees.  After all, it’s in the name. 

The point is shorter shorts allow you to soak in the sun, and keep you cool, they’re better for tanning and quite frankly they are more flattering than bermuda shorts. So, this summer shorter is better. 

Bright-coloured shorts 

Men tend to shy away from bright colours and chose the safe path of muted tones, but summer is a season associated with warmth, brightness, cheerfulness and a sense of joy, so it makes perfect sense to get rid of your boring grey or beige swim trunks and dare to wear bold and vibrant colours instead that match the summer vibe. And if you don’t know which colours to pick, we’ll give you a hint: it’s all about oranges and yellows this year. 

Powerful patterns 

If you’re feeling a bit more courageous, and you have all the reasons to feel so since fashion is about creativity and boldness, you can include some patterned shorts in your summer wardrobe. You’re going to see a lot of interesting patterns at the beach this year, from geometrical prints to intricate designs and everything in between. So, whether you prefer the classic exotic flowers swim shorts or have a soft spot for abstract patterns, now’s the perfect time to go bold. 

Retro shorts 

You know what else is in this year? Retro shorts. You might have noticed that the ‘70s have been making a comeback in the fashion world for both men and women, and they’ve also reached the beach with retro-inspired swimwear. Fortunately, the retro shorts of today are a far cry from the ones that people used to wear back in the day in terms of materials and technology, so you’ll be able to sport your favourite ‘70s looks while also enjoying all the comfort that modern garments provide.

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