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Is traveling suitable for everyone? The answer is a definite yes! But what makes it so good? Check the top reasons!

Traveling: the best thing you can give yourself

There are countless travel blogs saying traveling is a must for all people. Travel destinations are almost endless. Every day, new travel providers come onto the market (and disappear again). Millions of people travel to six continents of the world every year. But why?

Why is travel so attractive to many, and why does this hobby captivate so many people and make them addicted? And why do people set off in the first place? Let’s try to figure it out together with professional travelers from Country Helper.

Travel develops self-confidence

As if by itself, a journey creates a strong self-confidence for the traveler. A traveler who has managed to fly around the globe once, get on the right planes at the right time, and order a beer in foreign languages in the most remote places in the world can easily do everything at home.

So there are new challenges every day on a big tour that you have to face as a traveler. While you can hide in your comfort zone at home, you have no choice but to face challenges and fears when traveling. So you do this, master the things and thus create a strong self-confidence.

Travel promotes openness and new perspectives

A big tour takes the traveler to the most remote parts of the world. Here, people look different, cultures differ, systems work differently, and religions work differently.

All this is new and exciting. Dealing with these new lifestyles promotes openness to new things long-term, even at home. People like to talk about the well-known “look outside the box.”

Travel helps you learn new

A person rarely can learn as much as when traveling. Sure, you can read books, watch videos of blogs of travelers describing countries, or documentaries.

Under no circumstances will you be able to learn as much as a traveler who saw the country and people with his own eyes, smelled with his own nose, and heard with his own ears.

Travel is a foreign language, history, politics, geography, and religious education in one. The best thing about it is that a trip playfully promotes learning.

Travel brings experiences

One reason why some travelers can no longer get their foot on the ground in the routine world is the lack of entertainment. When traveling, so much happens in such a short time.

In the morning, you wake up and have no idea what you will experience over a day of travel. When you go to bed in the evening, you always look back on a day full of experiences.

Maybe you just fell off a plane for the first time in America skydiving, ate the freshest sushi at the fish market in Tokyo at 4 a.m., climbed up mountains in Nepal, or dived into the depths of the fish world in Thailand.

It is very likely that you have met unique people. A normal day of traveling!

Travel makes you happy

On a journey, you get to know an incredible number of great people in and from all parts of the world. Meeting new people, fellow travelers, and locals cannot be avoided at all and is a lot of fun.

  • Especially in other cultures, locals are often interested in the stranger and address him willingly. There is an exchange of life, philosophies, and thoughts. A new friend and melancholy will remain with you.
  • Fellow travelers can also trigger this combination of friendship and melancholy. On tour, you have a lot of time for your new friend, for his stories and the exchange of views. This often brings you closer in a very short time, which is impossible at home.
  • All in all, a trip often creates deep friendships. You get something unique that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Travel brings time to deal with your thoughts

Many people suffer from a lack of time at home. We work, have stress when we don’t work, and actually, we always have way too much to do. Who still has time to chase after their own thoughts?

Travel is something wonderful, and a great asset that travel gives us is time. Time to capture your thoughts again and become clear about what you actually want.

It’s really unbelievable what you can think about during 12 hours of night trips on the bus, sitting alone on the beach, or on long hikes. This experience alone is worth trying.

Travel makes you creative

The time for one’s own thoughts, combined with another life that is shown to a traveler, merges into something unique: creativity.

The experiences from home are paired with completely new perspectives. The potential of this combination is also shown, for example, by way of life of Stefan Sagmeister. The New York-based designer takes a break every seven years to get new inspiration while traveling and is, therefore, very successful.

Travel teaches what is really important

What is really important? Everyone answers this question differently, and that’s a good thing.

Is money important? Can we take land and houses with us to the grave one day? What about a job position? Can this win the big ticket? How much money do we need to be happy? What is happiness? What else is important?

Anyone who has ever seen workers climbing volcanoes and mining sulfur for a lame dollar a day in Indonesia really gains a new view of what is important in life. While this shows what (financial) poverty really is, many Asian and also Central and South American countries teach what social cohesion means and how important family and friends are.


Many people worldwide say that traveling is a powerful thing that can change the entire worldview, improve a person, and show what things are important. It is a great possibility to learn more about this incredible world: after all, human life is pretty short, so don’t lose your chance to travel!

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