Tips on Planning the Ultimate Girls Trip

The only thing better than traveling is traveling with a group of friends you love. It’s time to get excited about your next fabulous getaway. However, planning a vacation can be stressful. It’s time-consuming to plan time to get a bunch of people together for dinner, let alone planning a whole trip to a different city or even country. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you prepare everything from packing cute clothes for your girls’ trip to deciding whether or not you should get travel insurance. Keep reading for our helpful tips on planning the ultimate girl’s trip.

1. How to Pack for Your Girls’ Trip — The kind of women’s clothing you pack for your girls trip will depend on exactly where you’re going and what you plan to do on your girls trip. If your girls trip is going to involve a lot of comfy indoor activities like spa days and movie nights, you’ll want plenty of clothes you’ll be able to lounge around in, like roomy pullovers and comfy jeans. If the girls trip is going to involve more outdoor activities, get a chic matching athleisure set that will be great not only for your hiking or yoga adventures but also look coordinated in any pics you take.

2. Be Upfront About Your Budget — As exciting as trips can be; no one wants to spend more money than they’re comfortable with spending. Everyone’s budgets and expectations are different, so ensure everyone coming on your girls trip is upfront about their budget. The budget discussion is one of the first things you all need to talk about as a group. Everyone should be on the same page and open to compromises regarding planned activities, accommodations, and more. It might mean staying closer to home than that trip to Ibiza you always dreamed about, but it takes a lot of pressure off of anyone who doesn’t want to blow their budget.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

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3. Figure Out the Purpose of Your Girls Trip — Then, you’ll want to think about the purpose of your trip. Is it a much-needed getaway to celebrate your longtime friendship? Perhaps it’s a trip where you all are going somewhere together as a group for the first time. Maybe you’re celebrating someone’s engagement or new baby. Whatever the occasion, celebrate appropriately and figure out what everyone on this trip needs. If you have been working too much, take the time to get unplugged and have a quiet trip in a peaceful cabin in the woods. For those busy moms who are doing it all, book a couple of spa treatments and nice restaurants for some serious TLC.

4. Consider Travel Insurance — According to Allianz Travel, travel insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect your girls’ getaway and any other trips you plan on doing this year. Plan on heading overseas? U.S. health insurance isn’t normally accepted there, so be prepared in the event of an emergency and consider getting travel insurance. Shop around for different travel insurance options to find a travel insurance plan that works for your budget.

5. Dare to Try Something New — We all end up in the same old routine after a while. If you’ve been planning an annual girls’ trip where you’ve been going to the same beach resort or Las Vegas hotel for years, switch it up. If you and your girlfriend usually find yourselves doing pub crawls and eating pizza at 2 a.m., switch it up and learn how to cook a new recipe together in your hotel. Getting out of your comfort zones is sure to make it a trip to remember.

Dare to Try Something New

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6. Be Flexible — Sometimes, the only thing you can plan for is that plans will change. On a day that you originally planned to hike up the mountain and meditate once you got to the top, the rest of the group is too tired from last night’s impromptu karaoke sesh. Be flexible to changes and get ready to sit in your cabin and watch a couple of romcoms instead. The most important thing is that everyone has fun together.

7. Have Fun! — Decide what having fun means to each of you. To one person in your group, that might mean hiking to the highest mountain and leaving your phones behind. To another, it might mean taking all the cute photos for social media while you all wear trendy women’s tops and blouses. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with too many options. Sometimes you’ll need to push through and stick to plans, and other times you’ll need to be more flexible. It’s all about compromising and enjoying each and every moment with each other.

Ultimately, your girls’ trip is about connecting with your besties. So whether you’re getting excited about finally putting on your Out of Office message or daydreaming about waking up in a new city with your best girlfriends, this is sure to be a girls trip you and your girls will remember forever. Time to put on your cute shorts for women and hit the beach with a mimosa in hand!

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