Holiday fashion gifts are fantastic, but custom options kick the happiness quotient up a notch for anyone who adores personalized items. An essential way to go about it is to plan accordingly, factoring in your budget and the preferences of the person for whom you’re shopping. There are a multitude of clothing and accessory selections from which to choose so you can get something special for everyone on your list.

Finding the Right Gift

Buying a fashion gift for friends can already feel challenging if you’re committed to getting them something they’ll like. But purchasing one that’s custom can add another layer to consider while you’re looking for the perfect present. There are a couple of important starter tips to keep in mind that could help simplify the shopping process.

Consider Their Personal Style

Thinking about the recipient’s personal style is paramount when you’re planning on giving them a fashion gift. For example, if the person is allergic to silver, you don’t want to get them a silver necklace. Instead, you might opt for custom gold jewelry. Someone who strongly dislikes the color orange likely wouldn’t want a scarf in that hue. Think about fashion items you notice they’ve had their eye on for a long time or pieces they’ve been frequently mentioning.

Make It Useful and Fashionable

Some of the best custom fashion gifts you can give are those that are both fashionable and useful so the recipient will enjoy them. It will be money well spent. For instance, if the recipient loves gray accessories, a cozy, warm cashmere monogrammed scarf might be a viable option.

Custom Gift Ideas

Considering the number of custom gift ideas you could buy for friends, it can seem overwhelming to decide which the perfect option is, especially if you don’t know them that well. However, custom jewelry and accessories they can wear year-round can be great choices.


1. Nameplate Jewelry

A gorgeous nameplate necklace can be a lovely selection for recipients who love putting their real name or nickname on display. It’s easy to find options in a range of styles. This allows you to customize not only the name on the necklace but also the metal and embellishments that are part of it. Gold, silver, and white gold are possibilities, as are diamond-encrusted necklaces with either a vertical or horizontal orientation.


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Keep in mind that it’s essential to choose the necklace that the recipient would want to wear on a daily basis, rather than the one you would want for yourself. Consider all the little different aspects ranging from its size to the metal. It’s also important to consider whether they’re allergic to the metal before purchasing a necklace made of it.


2. Engraved Jewelry

Giving someone engraved jewelry can be a lovely way to surprise them with a gorgeous piece that’s personalized with a special message. For example, if you want to give someone an engagement ring, you can have “I love you,” a nickname you call them, or the date the two of you met engraved on the underside. It lets them carry a special memento with them wherever they go, and it could be a wonderful item to pass down through the family.


Whatever engraved message you choose, make sure it’s spelled correctly before you finalize the purchase. Businesses will typically engrave the message as it is and won’t change anything or confirm if you meant one spelling over another. Since the product is customized, you likely won’t be able to return or exchange it.


3. Custom Statement Jewelry

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Giving someone a gold chain with a pendant can be an ideal holiday gift for someone who loves sporting trending items. Gold chains and large pendants are on trend right now, especially for men. This makes them perfect to give someone who wears that style and has been wanting to acquire such a piece.


Many of these types of necklaces feature religious-inspired pendants, such as a cross or crucifix. However, there are also typically many other items available, including ones that are sports-themed.


Keep the recipient’s interests in mind while searching for the ideal chain and pendant combo. Let’s say the person is a die-hard baseball fan. A pendant consisting of a diamond-encrusted baseball could be a good option. An alternative, rather than going the interest route, is getting them a pendant consisting of their initial, their real name, or nickname.


4. Monogrammed Bag or Wallet

A monogrammed bag or a wallet is a fantastic option for the person who is always on the go and loves a little personalization with their accessories. If the recipient doesn’t typically carry a purse, a wallet is a perfect option. They can use it as is or throw it in a purse, should they decide to carry one.


A bag is ideal for someone like a busy parent and/or a business owner who frequently has to carry multiple items of various sizes with them wherever they go. Make sure the bag is composed of durable materials. It’s not just all about the style. You don’t want to give one that will break with the slightest amount of weight.


Giving a Custom Fashion Gift Shows Your Caring

Giving someone a custom fashion gift for the holidays is a wonderful way to show them just how much you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Choose carefully, and they’ll adore their present and look forward to using it on a regular basis.

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