With the boom in daily internet use, local and e-commerce stores face colossal competition. According to a study in 2022, almost  7 out of 10 people make their purchases based on how the product looks.

As a result, good product photography in your e-commerce store can not only show consumers what they want. But also make your store stand out from the others. Nowadays, several brands feature top-notch product pictures so that customers can feel like they are shopping for the product at a real-life shopping mall.

Product photography greatly influences your conversion rate by providing a seamless product searching experience. This blog will delve into some product photography practices you can employ in your e-commerce store to make more customers happy!  

1.Take advantage of product colors.

If your store library features products in different colors, then it’s pretty intelligent to show all of the product colors. As most online shoppers will prefer their favorite colors, featuring various colored products will increase the scope of buyers. Color scheming can make pictures really pleasing to look at and garner customer attention quickly. 

For example, significant websites like Flamingo use color scheming in most e-commerce products. Additionally, try to keep the color realistic, as it can go sideways if the product color does not match the color in the product picture. Understanding color theory and applying it while editing the background and light settings can give off a unique vibe to your product picture.

2.Provide multiple images from different angles and shots. 

The importance of featuring more than one product picture is that multiple images allow customers to understand and see the product before buying. This strategy works best if your product features small details, and such attractive small features can retain people’s attention.

Additionally, using different angles and camera shots helps customers see the product in its entirety. This seamless product viewing experience can drive your e-commerce store’s sales and improve customer trust. 

3.Good lighting is one of the most essential key elements in product photography.

Lighting is one of the key elements in Product photography as the right light setting can make your product pictures unique and creative. In product photography, shadows are barely needed, and a proper lighting setup will help you achieve that. Placing many light sources in multiple places will stop shadows from appearing in your pictures. 

Additionally, several product photographers use umbrellas to make the light soft so that the picture looks pleasing. However, if you don’t have proper lighting equipment, you can also go for an outdoor product shoot with natural light. Using reflectors can bring the perfect lighting to your product picture.  

4.Maintain the product picture size. 

The last thing you want is your product pictures on e-commerce websites to be disorganized. Different products have different image sizes, making your e-commerce space less user-friendly. Therefore, optimize your e-commerce store by ensuring that your product pictures are similar in size. This can help streamline the shopping experience and make your customers feel valued.  

This strategy works well when you are dedicated and consistent with product photography. Consider checking in with your developers and the photography team to determine the best image size for set design. Generally, the larger your product pictures are, the longer it takes for your website to fully load. Make sure to name your product photographs correctly, improving your search ranking.   

5.Choose the right equipment. 

This point might seem obvious, but choosing the right equipment is essential for product photography. If you are shooting indoors, you’ll need a tripod to get the perfect picture. Suppose you are clicking an image in slow-shutter mode. You’ll get a hazy picture if you don’t use a tripod.

However, if you don’t own a DSLR, using a smartphone camera can come in handy, as phone companies like Apple and Samsung have come a long way.  Light tents can be an excellent idea for creating the perfect background for your product picture. 


E-commerce is a vast space on the internet where competition is tough. But if you use the right product photography choices and make the right decisions. Then, without a doubt, you can expect your e-commerce store to generate huge revenues.

Good product photography can increase the rate of inversions and, in turn, the overall payment. Keeping product photographs simple, clear, and bright can give your customers what they want.  

And that was it; some guidelines and practices in product photography that you can employ and practice for your e-commerce store. Use this blog to increase your store sales and for a better future.  

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